Pressure blasts cabinets by Softblasting

The efficiency of the surface cleaning with our High pressure blasts cabinets is about 4 times higher than in booths equipped with an injector gun. The outflow velocities of the nozzles are much higher in pressure jet machines.

The set consists of the following elements:
Blast cabinet with front door opening or 2 doors on the side
Pressure blast boiler 13-25-40-60 L
Dust extraction
Optional cyclone filter

The device makes it possible to clean and structure the treated surfaces with the abrasive blasting method using Glass Bead, Alu-oxide, etc.

The main element of the high pressure blasting machine included in the kit.

A pressure vessel equipped with a mushroom valve that automatically closes the tank after applying compressed air. It is equipped with fittings that allow an accurate determination of the ratio between compressed air and abrasive. The dust extraction can be equipped with manual or pneumatic filter cleaning. A pressure regulator and compressed air blow gun are installed as standard. At a blast pot next to the blast cabinet, a blasting agent separator can be placed, which works according to the cyclone principle in order to obtain a perfect cleaning of the abrasive.