Very high free air supply of 1.4 m3 / min at 6 bar.
The machine is also available in 10 bar (1.1 m3 / min) and
14 bar (0.7 m3 / min).
• Available with 12V connection for the connection of the Atmos external aftercooler with condensation drain. Ideal for all applications where dry air is required.
• One of the lightest and most compact machines in its class. Fits in a trunk and can be lifted by 2 people with a weight of 140 kg.
• Transport is very easy. The PB82CE has 4 bales for lifting with a crane. Manual transportation is also included
easily by retractable handles and pneumatic tires.
• Robust Briggs + Stratton 23 hp petrol engine. Reduced speed of 2,500 for longer engine life, quiet operation and high fuel consumption.
• Easily accessible for maintenance.


– Power: 35.7 kW
– Pressure: 7 bar
– Capacity: 5 m3 / min
– Diesel engine: Perkins 404D-22
– Max. engine speed: 2600 rpm
– Weight: 1000 kg
– Dimensions: 3250 × 1485 × 1220 (L × W × H)
– Ball hook
– WARRANTY 36 months for motor and screw element, other elements 12 months.


Robust machines for long-term continuous use.
Albert range is specially developed for professional workshops, small manufacturers, garages, paint shops, carpentry, furniture production or packaging factories.

• energy-saving – no downtime
• high efficiency
• no gearbox or belt transmission
• energy optimized cooling system
• reliability – reduction of number of components and use of integrated parts
• very low vibrations
• low speed machine – service life up to 80,000 working hours
• low noise level